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Warehouse Sale - KN95 Mask with 4-Layer Filtration

Warehouse Sale - KN95 Mask with 4-Layer Filtration

SKU: STK0395

Our Black KN95 face mask offers 4-layers of protection thus helping to filter out 95% of particles.

Its 3D Mask Design offers unique point-shaped forming technology and bigger cup design which increases breathing space and reduces heat buildup.

It’s great fabric, adjustable nose clip and elastic widened ear loop provides comfort for long periods of wear and easy to put on or pull off.

Disclaimer: This KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask.


Product Colour(s): Black

Size: Large

Material: Non-woven fabric, hot-air cotton, melt blown cloth.

Packaging: 5pcs polybagged, 10 polybags per package

Packing: 50pcs per sealed package

Delivery: 1 week

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    QTY 1000
    TT$ 1.40
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