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  • Where are you located and what countries do you offer service to?
    Our 20,000 square foot facility is located at the Fernandes Business Centre in Trinidad and Tobago and these are the territories that we currently serve: Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Turks and Caicos, US Virgin Islands and of course our local markets in Trinidad and Tobago. We will happily respond to you quickly on receipt of your inquiry.
  • What products do you offer?
    We have it all! We offer promotional items such as Apparel, Drinkware, Bags, Covid Gear, Gift Bags, Notebooks, Tech Items, Writing Instruments plus lots more! You could get them unprinted or branded with your own logo or artwork. The minimum quantity requirements and prices vary per item. You can check them out here: Our sister company, The Up Shop can be found at and offers a wide range of stationery and gift items. We would happily make an offer to you in any quantity that you might need.
  • How do I get started?
    Easy! Send us your contact information and we will get in touch immediately. If you have already chosen the items that you like from our website, please send us the links in an email at
  • I am a reseller of promotional products. Do you offer printed and / or unprinted items at prices that will allow me to resell to my customers?
    Yes we do and we want to hear from you! We stock hundreds of items which we can offer to you BLANK which you can print / decorate yourself for sale to your customers. Or if you prefer, we can print them for you.
  • Can we see samples of the products?
    For our wider Caribbean customers, we would be happy to receive your email identifying the items that interest you and we will make arrangements to have you receive samples. For our customers here in Trinidad and Tobago, our products are displayed in a lovely, spacious showroom and we welcome you to visit! We ask that you call us on +1(868) 626-3444 or email us at to book an appointment to ensure that we are well prepared and make your journey here totally worthwhile. You can find images of our showroom here at
  • I have a retail outlet and would like to purchase unprinted products to offer to my customers. Can I do so?
    Sure you can! Please give us a call on +1(868) 626-3444 or email us at and we will assign a sales rep to offer you all the information that you need.
  • I have never purchased promotional products before. Do you have someone who can guide me?
    We sure do! Please call on +1(868) 626-3444 or email us at and we'll have an expert Customer Service Rep contact you immediately. We can also assist with the artwork for your logo. Our aim is to make your purchasing experience as comfortable and rewarding as we possibly can.
  • What does it cost to put a print of my logo on your product?
    All of the prices of the items on our website and our PDF catalogue include: 1. Artwork 2. A visual showing your logo on the product 3. The printing costs 4. Delivery to your Sea or Air port or to your door in Trinidad and Tobago 5. And best of all, friendly Caribbean service. Just choose a product, send us your high resolution logo and see what your logo will look like on your product choice. Better yet, send us 2 choices! There is no cost for this service and we do it professionally and quickly.
  • What is your production and delivery time?
    The delivery time is clearly stated next to every product on our website or in our product catalogues. We do offer a rush service so please let us know your in-hands date and we will do everything possible to make it happen for you! For our wider Caribbean customers, we have very good relations with ocean and air freight forwarders from all the ports that we ship from and we can speed up print production so as to get your order on the earliest possible ocean vessel or aircraft.
  • My business is in another Caribbean Island. How do I calculate the cost?
    Our US$ prices on the website and PDF catalogue include all costs to you including delivery cost to a port in your country. We will assign a sales rep immediately on receipt of your inquiry and he or she will give you all possible information that will allow you a trouble free transaction and shipping experience. Duties and taxes in your country should be catered for by you when calculating your final cost. We have handled thousands of orders to many Caribbean destinations and will ensure that we use the most efficient and practical shipping method to get the goods to you. We ourselves purchase goods from all over the globe and understand how important it is for proper documentation and correspondence.
  • Our company has offices in 6 territories and we would like to purchase 8 different products from you and have you ship them to each location. Are you able to do so?
    We offer this service presently through our local or Florida forwarders to several of our customers as it saves them money. We can do any mix of items to any number of territories that you choose; we call it split shipping. Shipping two or more items together to a destination is called a consolidation. Consolidations save tremendously on the actual air or ocean shipping charges hence the reason we offer discounted prices when you place an order with us for multiple items. At your sea or air port, the customs brokerage and local handling charges are also reduced when you can clear through customs in one effort. Unless otherwise stated, all prices on our website and in our catalogues include the shipping cost to your territory. Whether you purchase from Very Exciting Things Ltd. or you have another supply source, shipping multiple items together is the way to go. Whatever your source, always ask: 1. Are artwork and set up charges included in your unit cost? 2. Is the shipping cost to my forwarder included? 3. Is the shipping cost from my forwarder to my country included? 4. Do you have any other costs that you need to include in your base price? Very Exciting Things Ltd. includes every cost!
  • What are the factors that affect the cost of the product and can I get my order any less expensive than the prices on your website?
    Our job is to advise you. Here are some guidelines: 1. The more time you allow us to print and deliver your order, the less expensive the price to you will be. 2. Three or more items printed together with the same logo and ordered at the same time will attract a lower price. 3. Some of the products in our catalogue cost no more to print in full color than a 1 colour print. Please have a look carefully and ask us any questions that will assist you. 4. If you send us a high resolution image of your logo it will save you substantially in having to have the logo redrawn. When we receive your hi-res image, we will do a visual showing your logo on your selected product and we will make it look good.
  • What format does my logo need to be in?
    We would need your logo or artwork to be in a vectored layered format in the program that it was originally created in by the artist. Your logo should be sent to us in vector format in Adobe Illustrator CS6 or lower or as an EPS or PDF file.
  • Do you have in stock all the items that are shown on your website?
    We clearly identify the items that we have in stock, most of which can be produced within two weeks and with our rush service on some items, in as little as 3 days. At all times, we have 100's of items in stock in many colours. Our customers' favourite colours are red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, gold, silver and white. In order to offer as wide a variety as we possibly can, our website also shows many items that can be shipped from Europe, the US or the Far East. Delivery from the US can be anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks and from the Far East 8 - 20 weeks. The Far East offers low prices for higher volumes and more customised options where a longer delivery time is acceptable to our customer.
  • What can I provide you with that will allow you to offer me the most attractive and least expensive options?
    Here's what will save you money and speed up our response time : 1. Your approximate quantity. 2. If available, your logo and any information that you might want printed along with the number of print colours. 3. Your target market / age group. This will allow us to offer only products specific to that group. 4. The purpose or use of the item. For example, is it a freebie to your customer or to your employee? Or maybe you might want a product that will be banded on to your product to help it to sell? Or maybe a long service or some type of award? Or maybe just a t-shirt or polo? Or flags or banners for your event? Or a carnival band item? You will save time and money. 5. Please remember that longer delivery always equals cheaper prices and more product options for you. Give us an accurate in-hands date so we could make your choices exciting. 6. Do you have any special packaging needs? Maybe a classy gift box or just a plain poly bag? We want to make your product look classy at a great price and delivered on time. The above information guarantees you the best possible prices and assures on time delivery.
  • What are your terms of payment and what methods can I use to make a payment to you?
    Unless other arrangements have been agreed to between us, to get an order into production on your signoff of the artwork, a 50% down payment is required and the balance is payable on delivery to your door or at your air or sea port. We will pre-advise you of the delivery date and time to facilitate payment preparation. You may make payment easily by any one of these methods: Direct Deposit/Online Banking, Company Cheque, Debit Card, Credit Card up to US$1500 or TT$10000 and Cash. If you wish to offer an alternate payment method, please let us know and we will discuss with you.
  • Do your products have a warranty?
    Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee. Our products are manufactured and shipped from the Far East, Europe, the United States and the Caribbean itself. When we put your logo on a product, like we do so many times with our own logos, that product must be perfect. Sometimes we do slip up. In those rare instances, we will immediately respond to your concern and make right what we need to make right in the shortest possible time and to your complete satisfaction. exceptions!
  • Do you offer smaller quantities?
    Yes we sure do! If you are based in one of the Caribbean territories that we serve, please tell us your need and we will advise you the best option. If you are one of our Trinidad & Tobago customers, we offer most of our stock items with no minimum quantity requirements at you can order just one if you want! You can check it out on our online retail store The Up Shop. We deliver anywhere in T&T within 3-7 working days!
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