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Natasha Boisson
Bio: I am 42 years old, the mother of two wonderful children, I have been doing sales for the last 1o years. I consider myself to be a fun loving person always looking for ways to make someone smile. To most I may come across as being aggressive and unapproachable but once you get to know me you will quickly realise that I am really just a big teddy bear. I am always looking for a reason to buy another pair of shoes.


Length of Employment at V.E.T.: 5 years


Favorite Thing About Working for V.E.T.: We are truly a family here (we work, eat, play, laugh, cry and make money together)  


Funniest Thing That’s Happened While Working for V.E.T.: The morning that I came to work dressed as the “pie man”


One Word to Describe Yourself: Shoe-ah-holic


One Random Thing About Yourself: 100% Trini


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