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A Logistical View of Export Sales

I have been working with VET since 2010.  However, I have been working with the Managing Director Chris Ferreira for over 30 years as we also worked together from his previous company.  Working with him is something that cannot be explained – it has to be experienced.  Note I said, “working WITH him and not FOR him” that is the difference.   He has been my inspiration over the years and continue to be so now.

I enjoy my job tremendously and that is solely because I am happy doing all the different things that I do.  My primary functions are sales to my Caribbean based customers and also managing the logistics department – which I could only describe as “Very Exciting”.  Each day is a different experience because in this department there is always something new to learn.  There is never a dull day – handling the many different aspects of logistics is so very interesting – be it shipping from Trinidad / Miami OR the Far East to the many different destinations.

Trying to get an order cleared on time to meet a customer’s event date. Rushing an order through production / trying to get an item shipped out on time etc.  Handling issues that may arise with the freight forwarder / customer / supplier or whatever the case might be – it happens in logistics – these can be very challenging at times – but I think that is what makes it so enjoyable.  I love the daily challenges.  It keeps the mind active and thinking.

From inception of my employ I have been involved in all aspects of the operations of the company i.e.  purchasing / shipping / selling / packing / training / managing / assisting in the decision-making process etc. / Liaising with customers / suppliers / freight forwarders / customs broker etc.  I have had the opportunity to do it all – and that is what drives me. Knowing that I can step in and assist in any area required without hesitation.    

Our logistics team is a joy to work with. Especially as we start looking at “what’s for lunch” as soon as the morning starts 😊 we work / we talk / we laugh / we eat snacks / have our coffee breaks 😊 . We strive to make our days enjoyable and not workable!!!

My interaction with so many people in the many different aspects of my work have helped me to build relationships that have lasted throughout the years and that is something I will treasure always!!!

Thank you for choosing me.


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