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A ‘Very Exciting’ Corporate Culture

Providing our Team Members with a Company culture that embodies our name “Very Exciting Things” is always at the forefront of our Company’s goals and objectives. We strongly believe that if an organisation cultivates a culture focussed on Team Member happiness and treats each member fairly and like family, then our customers and other stakeholders will receive a level of service far above the rest.  

Striving to be ‘Simply the Best’ in all that we do does not only include professionalism and on point service and delivery (even though of course we’ve nailed those too) but it also means to be the best that we can be internally as well. Without a well-functioning team that fosters relationships built on trust and respect for one another, well you’re really left with nothing of worth. The culture within our company is the main source of power and value that enables us to extend that positivity towards our customers, suppliers and to the general public.

Here at Very Exciting Things, you will never hear somebody say “oh that’s not my job or responsibility.” Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, even if it means that the entire Marketing department needs to assist the Production team to help print and package a rush order for a customer (true story). This kind of cross-functional environment allows for our employees to really get an understanding for the bigger picture of benefitting the company as a whole. At times, it’s easy to get stuck in the usual daily routine and tasks but understanding how the company works in each department is what allows us to really get creative. It is not uncommon to see a member of staff jump ship to another department inside of here. In fact, our Managing Director, Chris Ferreira, has mastered the art of maximizing talent, and has a knack for seeing one’s strengths and capabilities beyond their own mental limitations.

When we are not working, we are playing! Whether it be karaoke, cupcake bake-offs or re-enacting the ending scene of Titanic, you are sure to see us having a blast together. We are not saying we are the Brady Bunch or that we are flawless or infallible. We make mistakes like anyone else but we pride ourselves in being able to correct those mistakes together as a team and continuously aspire to build a group of Team Members that share the same vision and values, and work out of love and not just a mentality “to get the job done.” Our vision and mission statements above remain true; we really do just want to make a difference in the lives of our Team Members, Customers and all Stakeholders with whom we interact.

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